How An Unbalanced Garage Door Can Wear The Garage Door Opener?


An automatic opener provides safety and convenience that many people rely on daily. It isn’t uncommon for any family to reside in their house for years without having to lift the garage door manually ever. A garage door opener can mask a major garage door problem – a badly balanced garage door.

An unbalanced garage door is too common in houses today because of our dependence on automatic door openers. An average metal based garage door weighs more than 150 lbs. and it’s counterbalanced using a spring which does all the heavy lifting. In case the spring starts to become weak or if wrong springs are installed on your garage door, the door opener will need to lift added weight that it wasn’t intended for.

The modern garage door openers are built well; however, they aren’t intended to lift the complete weight of the garage door. An unbalanced door will prematurely end up stripping drive gears, carriages, sprockets, and couplers on the automatic opener. Drive cables, limit switches, pulleys, capacitors, and even the motors can also get affected by unbalanced garage doors.

A correctly balanced garage door must stay in its place whenever you lift it up half way. If you need to force or strain your door up, then there is an issue which should be seen and fixed by a garage door repair professional.

Why So Many Garage Doors Are Unbalanced?

Insulation Was Added Just After the Door Was Installed

Lots of home centers sell the DIY insulation kit for garage doors which homeowners can be installed by the homeowners. The separate pieces do not weigh a lot, but the joint weight of the insulation kit can easily add anywhere between 15 and 20 lbs. This additional weight can have a negative consequence on your door opener.

The Garage Door Spring Is Showing Sign of Aging
Garage door spring will get weaker over the years just like everything in life. A highly qualified garage door repair company can make a straightforward adjustment to the spring to compensate this loss in the pulling power. If springs break shortly after they are adjusted, it means their life cycle has expired. The simple solution is installation of new springs.

Wrong Spring Installed on Your Garage Door
The garage door springs differ in wire length and size which decides how much weight will they pull. A few garage door repair technicians will install any spring they’ve with them so they do not have to make special trip to their parts house. Homeowners never know the difference as they use the button on wall to close and open the door. It’s a common issue that we encounter quite frequently.

How Do You Repair Unbalanced Garage Doors?
You can begin by removing any additional weight that is added to the garage door. If the garage door is heavy still, call your garage door repair company to alter or replace your spring. A reputed company can weigh the garage door to decide what size of spring is required.