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Why the Garage Door won’t work


Commercial or residential garage service professionals have much dealt with each issue you may think of at terms of the garage door repair. Still, there are issues keep surprising it, like mall insect nest that is growing right on photo eye sensor and tennis ball that has managed to knock door totally out of the track. Even though it is uncommon issue, they’re nothing door service professionals cannot handle!

Knowing what’s actually wrong with garage door might help you determine if this is the problem you can tackle or if it’s time to call someone or better still, a professional for assistance. To help you to troubleshoot the garage door issues, here’re some reasons the garage door will not work.

This may sound obvious, but your garage door transmitters can’t work without power. If the batteries used by your transmitter are dead, the transmitter would not be able to send a signal to the garage door to open.

First, check to see that the transmitter on the wall inside your garage still opens it when pressed. If it does, then you need to replace the battery for the transmitter in your car. If you have more than one car transmitter in use for your garage door, then your other transmitters would most likely need new batteries soon as well as they may have been installed around the same time.

Changing the battery on your garage door transmitter is easy. At the most, you should simply slide the door open on the back of the transmitter and remove the battery. Others might just be screwed in to keep the battery more secure as this type of transmitter requires a screwdriver to open.
After removing the old batteries, make sure the terminal sides on the batteries are in sync with the terminal signs on the inside of the transmitter. With the battery in place, test the transmitter, and check if it works, then replace the transmitter door.

You may remember a time as a kid when you and your siblings play games by closing the garage door and attempt to run underneath it as fast as you can make it out just before the door closes. Well, on garage doors installed after 1993, that risk is less, thanks to two tiny photo eyes at any side of garage entrance. The photo eyes transmit the invisible beams between one another detecting in case there is anything at garage door’s path while it closes. It is the safety measure in order to prevent the automatic doors from closing at anything as it will cause some serious injury and damage to property.

Over time, these eyes can get dirty, which can block the light from the beam. They also can eventually become misaligned and cause the eyes not to match up on both sides.

When cleaning the photo eye, you should take care not to scratch or damage the eye since it’s made of glass, like in a camera lens. The photo eye itself is quite small and just a few centimeters in diameter but can get dirty rather easily. To clean, you have to get soft & mild cloth, or streak-free cleaner. The gently wipe away dirt and residue that might have built up at eye and stay careful not oversaturate excessive wetness will cause the dirt to stick on eye very quickly.

The Four Most Popular Garage Door Repair Needs


Even the most excellent automatic garage doors still need occasional fixing and regular maintenance. Here are some of the most popular garage door repairs required by most people:

Garage Door Spring
It is inevitable that the garage door springs utilized in your garage doors will need to be replaced. Much like your car’s suspension system, these springs will wear out eventually. It’s a product for long-term usage and doesn’t reflect the quality of your door system.
But, it must be noted that garage door springs replacement is quite dangerous work that must never be undertaken by somebody who is not known with your specific garage door system. Moreover, they need to be calibrated such that they aren’t too loose (which can cause the garage door to drop or fall) or if too tight (which can cause the garage door to open suddenly).

Garage Door Tracks
Garage door tracks direct the garage door accurately along the way it should travel. For this reason, the slightest divergence in the garage door track can generate serious issue for your garage door’s operation. Its track may be bent for a lot of exterior reasons. For instance, a person bumping in it with great force can make this happen.

If track goes out of alignment, then the garage door might get stuck while operating. And in case it is bent far enough, the garage door can even jump tracks – which is admittedly unsafe. If your garage door track needs realignment, the most excellent thing to do immediately is to contact a garage door repair professional. Trying to repair it by yourself is hard and potentially hazardous.

Garage Door Hinges
The older automatic doors closed and opened by swinging out or either upward or downward. Hinges let the garage door to follow tracks more intimately to remove any needs to swing. Broken or rusty hinges can hold back the garage door’s movement, so they should be replaced or oiled.

Electronic Components
Generally, there are two main electronic parts that are utilized with the modern garage door system. The first one is the garage door opener, which is only a remote controlling switch. If the garage door opener works no longer, the solution can be as easy as replacing the battery. If that does not work, then the issue is either with transmitter in remote or with receiver in central unit of garage door. If you have ruled out the needs to replace the battery, then the garage door repair experts can quickly identify the issue from there.

The next electronic component utilized with automatic garage doors is either known as a ‘photo eye’ or ‘safety eye’. It’s a sensor which checks to ensure that nothing is situated at the bottom of the garage door. If a pet or a child tries to run between a closing garage door at the final second, this photo eye will quickly trip and reverse the door back its track up. If photo eye is outside alignment, the garage door might refuse to close.

Garage Doors Made Up Of?

Way before steel was used in garage doors, Wood was the King. Wood gives you the advantage of being customizable to many styles and gives a traditional look. These doors require more maintenance than most other doors during garage door repair.

Here’s a hint if you’re looking for the best of both wood and steel: Try wood composite. And what is wood composite? You may ask. In a nutshell, it’s wood fibers gone through a recycling process, so it’s strong as steel but looks and feels like wood. It can even be painted and resist corrosion during garage door repair.

This kind is not as popular. It’s advantages include being super light and resistance to salted waters. It’s ideal for beach houses, since the low insulation capacity would be a problem if it was a cold snowy weather at the time of garage door repair.

As far as the internal composition of the doors, you can have them in different layers. Basically with or without insulation. Those doors that are built with poor insulating materials can be improved by adding a layer of polyurethane or polystyrene at different costs, depending on your specific needs and budget.

Since you are replacing the door, we also suggest you to take a look at your opening mechanism. This is only a plus if you are looking to reduce the noise of the metal chains in the track for a belt that can work smoothly, only more expensive. And if you want the ultimate performance on your door, the jackshaft system is definitely worth it, replacing the overhead motor to leave just the ceiling of your garage free for you.

This guide was a general overview to help you decide on your next garage door, and be more informed on the best materials to use! Remember to evaluate these options on your next trip home and dream about the design that’s about to come!

You shouldn’t authorize the garage door’s repair until and unless their technician gives you right kind of details about the problem that has occurred. You also need to ask for the exact cost that will incur once the work will be started. A legitimate city garage door repair service can come up with high cost on rare occasions.

Before you contact your selected company, always verify the offers they have advertised. There are companies that may come up advertisements that contain misleading and false information.

Before you hire any garage door repair city service, you should check about any complaints that might be registered against them in the past. This will help you to take right decision like whether you need to hire them or not. So hire a service only after good research and once you do that then things will be much easier so what are you waiting for just go ahead and select the best and you will really have a problem. So come and enjoy your time and have fun.

How An Unbalanced Garage Door Can Wear The Garage Door Opener?


An automatic opener provides safety and convenience that many people rely on daily. It isn’t uncommon for any family to reside in their house for years without having to lift the garage door manually ever. A garage door opener can mask a major garage door problem – a badly balanced garage door.

An unbalanced garage door is too common in houses today because of our dependence on automatic door openers. An average metal based garage door weighs more than 150 lbs. and it’s counterbalanced using a spring which does all the heavy lifting. In case the spring starts to become weak or if wrong springs are installed on your garage door, the door opener will need to lift added weight that it wasn’t intended for.

The modern garage door openers are built well; however, they aren’t intended to lift the complete weight of the garage door. An unbalanced door will prematurely end up stripping drive gears, carriages, sprockets, and couplers on the automatic opener. Drive cables, limit switches, pulleys, capacitors, and even the motors can also get affected by unbalanced garage doors.

A correctly balanced garage door must stay in its place whenever you lift it up half way. If you need to force or strain your door up, then there is an issue which should be seen and fixed by a garage door repair professional.

Why So Many Garage Doors Are Unbalanced?

Insulation Was Added Just After the Door Was Installed

Lots of home centers sell the DIY insulation kit for garage doors which homeowners can be installed by the homeowners. The separate pieces do not weigh a lot, but the joint weight of the insulation kit can easily add anywhere between 15 and 20 lbs. This additional weight can have a negative consequence on your door opener.

The Garage Door Spring Is Showing Sign of Aging
Garage door spring will get weaker over the years just like everything in life. A highly qualified garage door repair company can make a straightforward adjustment to the spring to compensate this loss in the pulling power. If springs break shortly after they are adjusted, it means their life cycle has expired. The simple solution is installation of new springs.

Wrong Spring Installed on Your Garage Door
The garage door springs differ in wire length and size which decides how much weight will they pull. A few garage door repair technicians will install any spring they’ve with them so they do not have to make special trip to their parts house. Homeowners never know the difference as they use the button on wall to close and open the door. It’s a common issue that we encounter quite frequently.

How Do You Repair Unbalanced Garage Doors?
You can begin by removing any additional weight that is added to the garage door. If the garage door is heavy still, call your garage door repair company to alter or replace your spring. A reputed company can weigh the garage door to decide what size of spring is required.

Tips To Repair Your Garage Door


You can use lots of ways to safeguard and protect your home. Among other parts that needs protection is your garage where you park your vehicles when they are not needed. The garage needs your attention; they must be maintained regularly. The very first thing you should pay your attention to is your garage door. If your garage door is malfunctioning, the garage might be prone to robbery. So, it is imperative for you to employ the service of a garage door repair professional. But the main question is, how will a professional keep the garage safe? Keep reading to find out.

Garage doors

If opening and torsion springs of the garage aren’t working appropriately, the garage will really be at the forgiveness of burglars. After getting the issue fixed, you may have peace of your mind, as nobody apart from you will be capable to open the garage door and get inside. As a result, the garage will be secure.

Installation of sensors

Next excellent way used by garage door repair professionals is safety sensors installation. The sensors will usually sound an alarm when someone attempts to get unauthorized access in your garage. These safety sensors aren’t expensive and can be installed easily.

Remote control

In case you have a remote controlled door, but it isn’t working correctly, you can contact a garage door service company. If you do not have this remote control feature, then you can get the door with this aspect installed with ease.

The remote control door can be closed or opened using a remote easily. If you wish to advantage from this aspect, you may wish to call a service provider. Undoubtedly, this kind of garage door makes it simpler for you to utilize your garage and to keep it secure always.

Can you install the security device yourself? If you’re a novice, it might be close to unattainable for you. In addition, if you’ve no idea about how to install such equipments, you may end up damaging your device or getting injured. Thus, to be on safer side, hiring a professional is the stroke of smartness.

You can get an anti-burglar alarm installed, for example, to guarantee the safety of garage even if you’re out of your house or city. Nobody will be capable to break into as long as the garage door is secluded by anti-burglar alarms. If anybody makes an effort to get inside your house, this security system will inform the security service experts and they will reach to your home in just a few minutes. Therefore, these security systems offer you 24/7 safety.

Therefore, what are you now waiting for? It is now time that you carry out something to protect your garage, particularly the garage door. Choosing an excellent garage door repair service isn’t so simple. You need to perform your research prior to deciding to employ any service. Keep all important factors in your mind and make this decision.